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IUPUI Students

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General Graduate Student Scholarship Opportunities

The mission for the Office of Student Scholarships at IUPUI is to provide institutional aid to the undergraduate population at IUPUI. Most Graduate-level funding opportunities are housed in the academic schools.

This following list is only a partial list of general and major-specific scholarships that are available at IUPUI. We encourage you to contact your academic school and/or department to inquire about scholarship opportunities within their areas. Additional information can be found at the Graduate Office link:

Review the IU Worldwide Grant Page here: IU Worldwide Grant Page for Graduate Students.

Private sector scholarship opportunities are also a viable funding resource for IUPUI students. Try free scholarship searching databases such as and

Grad Grants Center

For information on funding for graduate students, including research grant information, try the Grad Grants Center available for IUPUI graduate students:

Other Assistantships, Scholarships and Fellowships

Aid to graduate students is usually available on a competitive basis from each graduate department. Deadlines are usually early (Jan-March) and require GRE scores and completed graduate applications. Apply early for consideration. Call the department or program director for information regarding major-specific aid.

Travel Fellowship

The Fellowship Committee has set aside funds for Travel Fellowships to assist full-time graduate students enrolled in research degree programs (master's or Ph.D.) with their travel expenses to a conference.

To receive support, a student must either:

  • Present a refereed or invited paper and be listed as the first author, or
  • Present a poster and be listed as the first author.

The maximum sum awarded to any student is $1,000. Awards are granted two times during the academic year: once in November and once in March. The call for applications goes out in October and February respectively. A department may submit two candidates per competition. An acceptance letter to the conference is required at the time of application. Because University Fellows receive funds that are to be used for travel expenses, they are ineligible for this program. Please contact the Graduate Office at (317) 274-1577 for additional information.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Visit the IUPUI Study Abroad Office for scholarship information.

International Student Scholarship Opportunities

International Student Grant

Deadline: March 15 (Fall semester)
October 15 (Spring semester)

The International Student Grant program provides scholarships to international undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students who have a strong academic record and who are experiencing severe financial hardship. Award amounts vary. The student must hold F-1 or J-1 student visa status, be assessed tuition at the out-of-state rate, and have completed at least two semesters of full-time coursework at IUPUI at the time the award begins. For more information, contact the Office of International Affairs at (317) 274-7000 or

Attention: International Students

Some IUPUI scholarships do require U.S. citizenship and/or Indiana residency, as well as financial need as defined by the FAFSA. If, however, international students meet the eligibility criteria for any other scholarships listed in this brochure that do not have the above requirements, then you are invited to apply. Depending on your academic major, you may also be eligible to apply for other scholarships within your academic department.

Note: International student scholarships may be subject to U.S. tax; completing the niversity’s International Tax Questionnaire will ensure that any required tax is withheld at the lowest rate possible. For more information contact the IUPUI Office of International Affairs at (317) 274-7000 or

For more information on International Student Opportunities for funding, please visit the Office of International Affairs.

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