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IUPUI Students

Additional Resources for International Students

Private Sector Scholarship Searching

Scholarships come from many sources in the private sector such as businesses, civic, community and religious organizations.

How to inquire about Scholarship Opportunities

  • Check out the up-to-date, FREE Internet scholarship searching databases like FastWeb, Collegeboard and WiredScholar. Do at least 2 searches in each database to maximize your results. The internet has become a great tool for identifying scholarship opportunities.
  • Check out the scholarship resource books in your local libraries—get the most recent editions as scholarship information is constantly changing.
  • Check with your local community and civic organizations to see if they offer any scholarships.
  • Check with your (or your parent’s) employer to see if they offer any educational assistance or scholarships.
  • Check with the religious organization in which you are affiliated to inquire about scholarships.

Scholarship opportunities are becoming more prevalent each year, but it’s your responsibility to do the research to find them. Remember, you won’t be considered for a scholarship if you don’t apply. Persistence in this arena literally pays off for most students!

Helping the International Student: A Sampling of Internet-based Scholarship Resources